Posted by Admin | July 29th, 2011

PlusFunds Group Inc. is, as the title suggests, an accumulation of businesses. Christopher Sugrue, the Chairman, takes care of the firm wonderfully.

Posted by Admin | July 22nd, 2011

Christopher Sugrue’s exceptional management has allowed PlusFunds Group Inc. to become quite successful.

Posted by Admin | July 15th, 2011

At the least a part of the achievements of PlusFunds Group Inc. can be attributed to Christopher Sugrue’s superior management.

Posted by Admin | July 8th, 2011

PlusFunds Group Inc. owes at the least some of its success to Christopher Sugrue, the firm’s chairman.

Posted by Admin | July 1st, 2011

Christopher Sugrue has been critical to the accomplishments of PlusFunds Group Inc.

Posted by Admin | June 24th, 2011

Leading the financial services industry in direction of greater standards of openness and oversight is important to PlusFunds Group Inc. as well as chairman Christopher Sugrue.

Posted by Admin | June 17th, 2011

Christopher Sugrue has helped PlusFunds Group Inc. to become an industry leader.

Posted by Admin | June 10th, 2011

PlusFunds Group Inc. is really a firm that’s managed by the competent Chairman Christopher Sugrue.

Posted by Admin | June 3rd, 2011

Christopher Sugrue has leadership abilities which make PlusFunds Group Inc. a market leader.

Posted by Admin | May 27th, 2011

Christopher Sugrue is the Chairman of PlusFunds Group Inc., which is a hedge fund sponsor.